Supplying Artwork

Supplying Artwork

Below is a quick guide to supplying correct artwork for best print results:

File Format PDF or JPEG is our preferred image format. We do accept other standard image files, such as EPS and TIFF. Our website upload facility will accept files up to 50mb.

Resolution Images should be a minimum of 300dpi at actual print size or larger. If you upload an image from a phone or digital camera, they may be fomatted at a lower resultion but at a much larger dimensional size. We are happy to adjust the size and resolution of such images before setting your design for print. Any image supplied at a lower resolution than 300dpi may be queried with you before committing your print run.

Colour Please supply images as CMYK where possible. An image supplied in RGB (screen colourspace) will be converted to CMYK before printing – this may affect the appearance of colours and therefore may not print exactly as you expect. Viewing your image in CMYK before you upload will give a truer representation of the printed product.

Bleed To achieve edge to edge printing, approximately 3mm will be trimmed off each edge of your design in the finishing process. Consider how this affects your design. We will set your artwork using our best judgement if dimensions do not translate perfectly. This may include placing the artwork with proportional blank space, or cropping some of the image to create edge to edge print. We are happy to set your artwork with a border, please leave a note at checkout.